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Hi, I am so happy & proud to share this review from such a great producer, teacher, and mentor!

Review of ‘I SEE YOU’

From Gary Gray Productions…Sept. 10th, 2019

“Hi Angelina, I’m listening to "I See You” and I don’t hand out compliments easily-but I am thoroughly enjoying this song and the recording. Great job!  

Somehow you have captured, for me as a listener, a great balance of random unpredictability and accessible familiarity. Just a joy to listen to–like a breath of fresh air.

Not often that I listen to a track sent to me and am just simply able to enjoy it! But you did it on this one. Keep up the fantastic work! Talk soon!“

~Gary Gray

Award-Winning Composer/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer

Voting Member of The Grammy® Recording Academy

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